Reloaded II
Configure the Reloaded II mod injector.
Reloaded II (source) is a program that injects our mods into P4G using the P4G PC Mod Loader program.
Reloaded II calls the programs it manages "mods," but these are not the same as the P4G mods we are using (Texture Fixes Pack, etc.). We will set those up later with a different tool.

First Launch

  • Open your P4G Mods\.Reloaded II folder.
  • Launch Reloaded-II.exe.

Disable Console

By default, Reloaded II will show a console window when running the game. This is very distracting and can even lower P4G's framerate, so we're going to disable it.
  • After closing the first launch popup, click Reloaded Settings at the bottom of the window.
  • Disable the Show Console setting by clicking the red plus until it turns into a grey minus.
Some mod creators may ask you to turn the console back on if they are helping you troubleshoot an issue.

Configure P4G

Open Application Settings

  • Select the Persona 4 Golden icon on the left side of the window (the protagonist's dreamy face).

Modify Opening Movie

If you don't want to change the opening movie, skip this step.
  • Select Tiny Fixes from the list of programs and click Configure Mod.
Skip Logos and Opening Movie
P4 Opening Movie
If you would like to load straight into the title screen, skipping the startup logos and opening movie entirely, check the Intro Skip box.
If you would like to replace the "Shadow World" opening with the "Pursuing My True Self" opening from the original Persona 4, check the P4 Title Movie box.
  • When you are done, click Save and close the Configure Mod window.

Set P4G.exe Path

Reloaded II needs to know where the P4G.exe executable is so it can launch the game and inject our mods. By default, it will search the most common location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe
If P4G is installed here, skip this step.
If P4G is installed somewhere else (for example, if you installed the game on a different drive), we'll need to tell Reloaded II where to look for P4G.exe.
  • Under the Main section on the left side of the window, select the Edit Application tab.
  • Under the protagonist's BIG dreamy face, you will see three lines. Edit the second line to match your file path to P4G.exe.
The file path will always end with \steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe
Make sure P4G.exe is at the end of your file path, not just the Persona 4 Golden folder.
Make sure you are using backslashes ( \ ) and not forward slashes ( / ) in the file path.

Create Desktop Shortcut

Reloaded II must be called to inject mods into P4G. Just clicking the Play button in Steam will not inject any mods.
If you would like to create a desktop shortcut to launch P4G with mods, click the Create Shortcut button under the Actions section on the left side of the window.
If you would like to create a Steam shortcut to launch the game with mods, refer to the Extras page.

Test Run

The following applications MUST be closed before continuing:
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS)
  • MSI Afterburner
  • Razer Cortex
  • MSI Dragon Center / Control Center
  • Any other framerate monitor or "game boost" software
This software is known to cause the P4G PC Mod Loader to freeze or crash. For more information, please read this Troubleshooting entry.
We're going to perform a test run of P4G through Reloaded II to make sure everything works.
This will also create an empty Persona 4 Golden\mods folder that we'll be working with in a moment.
  • Under the Main section on the left side of the window, click Launch Application to launch P4G.
  • Make sure the game loads and that you can press buttons/keys on the title screen.
Everything works
Something doesn't work
You're ready to move on! Close P4G and go to the next step.
Double-check your P4G.exe path.
Refer to the Troubleshooting section for Reloaded II before continuing.
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