Getting Started
Requirements and initial setup.


    A registered installation of 64-bit Windows 8.1 or newer
    An unmodified installation of Persona 4 Golden from Steam
    7-Zip or some other tool that can unzip .7Z archives
    At least 3 GB of free space on your hard drive
Pirated copies of P4G are not compatible with this modpack.
Several mods included in P4G CEP will not function correctly with pirated copies of the game. You will be denied support if you are using a pirated copy of P4G.

Show File Extensions

By default, Windows Explorer hides the extensions of file types it recognizes (.EXE, .PNG, etc.). It's important that these be visible when setting up mods or asking for support, so we will make sure Windows always shows file extensions for all file types.
    Open a Windows Explorer window (it doesn't matter where).
    Click the View tab at the top of the window.
    Check the box labelled File name extensions if it is not checked already.

Delete Legacy Folders

If this is your first time using P4G CEP, skip this step.
We will be resetting our modding setup for P4G CEP v7. Follow the instructions below based on what version of P4G CEP you were using before:
P4G CEP 6.x / 5.x
P4G CEP 4.x or older
    Delete your old P4G Mods folder.
    Delete your old Aemulus folder.
Delete the following old folders:
    Aemulus Package Manager
    Persona 4 Golden\mods
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