Final Steps
Wrap up installation and play P4G!

Launching P4G

  • In Aemulus, click OK to close the Finished Building! window.
  • Click 🚀 Launch Persona 4 Golden to call Reloaded II and launch P4G.
Mods will not be injected if you launch P4G directly through Steam by clicking the Play button.
You must always start the game through one of the following methods:
  • Clicking the 🚀 Launch button in Aemulus
  • Clicking Launch Application in Reloaded II
  • Launching a Reloaded II desktop shortcut
  • Launching a Reloaded II Steam shortcut
Everything works
The game crashed
Mods aren't injecting
My save data is gone
Awesome! You've finished installing P4G CEP!
You can start playing right away, or you can head over to the Extras section for instructions on:
  • Adding custom packages to Aemulus
  • Installing high-quality Japanese voice lines
  • Creating a Steam library shortcut to launch P4G with mods
  • Removing the 60 FPS cap in Fullscreen mode
Remember, you'll need to rebuild your packages in Aemulus after changing your mod loadout.
If P4G immediately crashes at launch, read this Troubleshooting entry for help.
If P4G launches fine, but you don't see any mods being injected, read this Troubleshooting entry for help.
Don't delete or overwrite your save data!
This is a nasty bug related to how P4G and the Steam cloud exchange information, but you can get your save data back safely.
If your save data has suddenly disappeared, follow the instructions in this Troubleshooting entry to recover it.
Save the game often and use all of the save slots. You get 16 of them for a reason!
We recommend saving every night or every other night at the Dojima residence.
Some users may experience a crash during the game's tutorial fight (after obtaining Izanagi). While there is no known fix for this, there is an easy workaround.
  • Launch P4G without mods by launching it directly through Steam.
  • Play through the tutorial without mods. Once you find a save point, save and quit.
  • Relaunch P4G with mods. You should no longer experience this issue for the rest of the game.
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