Download and Prepare
Set up modding folders and install prerequisite packages.

Download P4G CEP

Download the latest version of P4G CEP now if you haven't already.
Download from GameBanana

Set Up P4G Mods Folder

We will use a dedicated directory for our P4G modding tools. If you ever need to create a file backup, take a screenshot, or write down a note, save it in this folder to stay organized.
  • Unzip your downloaded P4G CEP archive and locate the P4G Mods folder inside.
  • Move the P4G Mods folder to a suitable location on your PC.
The recommended location for your P4G Mods directory is your account's Documents folder.
Note that this is not the same as your OneDrive Documents folder. Do not save it there!
Do not use any directory inside Program Files or Program Files (x86).
Do not use a directory that synchronizes files with the cloud, including any folder managed by OneDrive or a similar service.
Do not use the Persona 4 Golden game folder itself, as you may want to uninstall/reinstall the game in the future and the directory is likely to be UAC-protected.

Set Up Aemulus Folder

Aemulus Package Manager supports multiple Persona games, not just P4G, so we will use a separate directory for it.
If you already have P3F Community Enhancement Pack installed, you can follow some special instructions below to create a single Aemulus folder for both packs.
I don't have P3F CEP installed
I have P3F CEP installed
  • Locate the Aemulus folder inside your unzipped P4G CEP archive.
  • Move the Aemulus folder to the same location as your P4G Mods folder.
We recommend not putting the Aemulus folder inside the P4G Mods folder itself since you might want to use Aemulus for multiple Persona games in the future.

Update Aemulus

  • Launch Aemulus. If you get a prompt to update the program, click Yes.
    • Aemulus will automatically restart after it finishes updating.
    • Close Aemulus once the update process is finished.

Import P4G CEP Packages

  • Open your Aemulus\Packages folder.
  • In a separate window, open your unzipped P4G CEP archive and locate the Aemulus\Packages\Persona 4 Golden folder inside.
  • Move the Persona 4 Golden folder into your unified Aemulus\Packages folder.

Import P4G CEP Config

  • Open your Aemulus\Config\Persona 4 Golden folder.
  • In a separate window, open your unzipped P4G CEP archive and locate the file P4G CEP.xml inside the Aemulus\Config\Persona 4 Golden folder.
  • Move the P4G CEP.xml file into your unified Aemulus\Config\Persona 4 Golden folder.

Install Prerequisites

If you've used P4G CEP 3.4 or newer before, you already have these installed and can skip this step.
There are five .NET and Visual C++ core packages that our modding tools require to run properly.

Automatic Download and Installation

P4G CEP includes the All-in-One Prerequisite Installer program (source), which will automatically download all of the prerequisites and run the installers one at a time.
  • Open your P4G Mods\Setup folder.
  • Run Install_Prerequisites.exe. A console window should appear.
  • Follow the instructions to install each of the prerequisites you are missing.
The prerequisite installer console window.

Manual Download and Installation

Alternatively, you can manually download and install the prerequisites yourself.
Prerequisite File
Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64)
Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x86)
.NET Core 3.1 Runtime (x64)
.NET 5 Desktop Runtime (x64)
.NET 5 Desktop Runtime (x86)
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