Additional mods and tweaks for P4G CEP.

Add Custom Packages to Aemulus

Compatibility with custom mods is not guaranteed and may result in unexpected behavior.

Download and Install

1-Click Installation
Manual Installation
Import Mod Compendium Package
Many mods on GameBanana support 1-click installation with Aemulus.
Just click the Aemulus Package Manager button on the mod page. Aemulus will automatically open and prompt you to download and install the package.
Mods that don't support 1-click installation need to be manually installed.

Locate Package Folder

  • Download the mod you would like to add to P4G CEP.
  • Unzip the downloaded mod and locate the package folder. The package folder has a file in it named Package.xml.

Add to Aemulus

  • Make sure the game selection dropdown in the top left has the Persona 4 Golden logo.
  • Make sure the loadout selection dropdown in the toolbar says P4G CEP.
  • Drag the package folder over the βž• New Package button and release.
  • There should now be a new Aemulus package at the bottom of the grid.
You can also manually add the package folder to your Aemulus\Packages\Persona 4 Golden folder.
Aemulus will automatically convert any package created for the Mod Compendium program. Just follow the Manual Installation steps here.

Organize and Enable

  • You can drag packages in Aemulus to organize them and change their build priority. In the event that two packages edit the same files, a package with higher build priority will take precedence.
  • Once you've decided on a position for your package, enable it by checking its box on the left.
  • Make sure to click πŸ”¨ Build when you're all done!

Create Steam Shortcut

You can create a shortcut in Steam that calls Reloaded II to launch P4G and inject mods. This is necessary if you want to launch the game through Steam's Big Picture mode.

Add Reloaded II Shortcut to Steam

  • Launch Steam.
  • At the top of the Steam window, select Games and click Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library... to open the Add a Game window.
  • In the Add a Game window, click Browse...
  • In the file window that opens, navigate to your P4G Mods\.Reloaded II folder and select Reloaded-II.exe.
  • Click Open, then Add Selected Programs in the Add a Game window to add Reloaded II to your Steam library.

Configure Shortcut for P4G

If you were to launch your new shortcut right away, it would just open the Reloaded II program. We want it to launch P4G directly, so follow the steps below.
  • Right-click Reloaded II in your Steam library and select Properties.
  • Click the "Reloaded II" text at the top of the Properties window and change the shortcut name to Persona 4 Golden (or something similar).
  • In the Launch Options section, type the following:
--launch "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe"
Replace the path to P4G.exe with your own file path if you do not have P4G installed in this location. Make sure to keep the quotation marks on both sides!
  • Close the Properties window. You now have a shortcut to launch P4G with mods from Steam!

Install High Quality Japanese Audio

You will need an additional 3.5 GB of free space on your PC.
The Japanese voice line files that P4G ships with are very compressed. Mod creator Bakemono has ported high-quality Japanese audio files from the PS Vita version of P4G, and they can be downloaded separately.

Back Up Original File

  • Open your Persona 4 Golden\SND folder.
  • Move the file ROOT.xwb to your P4G Mods\Backups\Game Files folder.

Install New File

  • Download the HQ Japanese Audio add-on:
  • Unzip the download and move the ROOT.xwb file inside to your Persona 4 Golden\SND folder.

Remove 60 FPS Cap in Fullscreen

P4G is normally capped at 60 FPS in Fullscreen mode, but the cap can be removed with a simple tweak to the executable.
  • Open your Persona 4 Golden folder.
  • Right-click P4G.exe and select Properties.
  • In the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab.
  • Under Settings, check the box labelled Disable screen optimizations.
  • Click Apply, then OK.
Due to the way the game poorly handles DX11 draw calls, it's impossible to go past about 180 FPS regardless of how good your PC hardware is.
Check out Durante's analysis of the PC port for more information.
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