Special notes on cross-compatibility for many popular mods.

Fully Compatible

These are some popular mods that are completely compatible with P4G CEP.
Mod Name
Adds additional Personas and Skills from P3 and P5. Follow the instructions on the page for P4G CEP compatibility.
Adds a romance route for Yosuke using a combination of cut content and original writing.

Moved or Merged

These mods have either been moved or merged into a different modding project.
You should remove any outdated builds of these mods and use the new moved/merged versions for the best compatibility with P4G CEP.
Mod Name
4GB / Large Address Aware Patch
As of P4G v1.1, this patch is already applied to the game executable.
P5R Skills Expansion Pack or P3 Restoration Project
These two projects have been merged together into the Personas & Skills Expansion Pack (fully compatible, see above).

Be Very Careful

These mods are not strictly broken or incompatible with P4G CEP, but they have quirks that you need to be aware of before using them.
Persona 4 Golden XP Share
While this mod does what it says and gives inactive party members EXP, they will not level up or learn new Skills until they are used in battle. Their EXP will be banked until the next time they finish a battle while in your party.
If you forget to use a party member in battle and then enter a Social Link event where they learn a S. Link Skill, the game will level them up using their "banked EXP," but any Skills they would have learned from levelling up will be permanently lost. This includes EXP gained from the end-of-dungeon boss fights, meaning that this effect can sometimes be unavoidable.
Any save editor
Always back up your data before using a save editor! Save editors can very quickly permanently ruin your save file if you don't know what you're doing. Some of them are based on the Vita version of P4G and were not fully tested for the PC port.
Once you invite her in, there is no escape. Run while you still can.

Incompatible with P4G CEP

These mods will either completely break P4G CEP or conflict with a large number of the mods included with the pack.
Mod Name
True Widescreen Textboxes
Unfinished and never fully tested; some parts of the game will hard crash. Incompatible with a few mods included with P4G CEP.
P4G Ultimax Edition
This mod is very old and was never updated for P4G v1.1 or Aemulus, which will result in unexpected behavior. It also overrides entire archive files, making it incompatible with many mods included with P4G CEP.
P4G Nightmare Difficulty
This mod is actually awesome if you want a fresh, strategic take on P4G's combat! However, it is an overhaul mod that changes a TON of files, so it is not compatible with P4G CEP.
Trans Naoto
Uses files from the Vita version of P4G; incompatible with the PC release.
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