Installing OMO CEP
Install OneLoader and a collection of enhancement mods.

Open Game Folder

We are going to install OMO CEP directly into the game folder. This is also where you will find your OneLoader log for troubleshooting, so keep this location in mind!
  • Staying in the Local Files tab of OMORI's Properties window, click Browse... to open your OMORI game folder in Windows Explorer.

Install OMO CEP

  • Unzip your OMO CEP download and locate the www folder inside.
  • Drag and drop the www folder into your OMORI folder window. This will merge OMO CEP's www folder and the www folder that's already part of OMORI.
Don't drop the www folder into any of the subfolders in the OMORI folder, just the main game folder.
  • If you are asked to overwrite any files, select Yes to All.

Launching the Game

  • To play OMORI with mods, just launch the game from Steam like you normally would. OneLoader will automatically start up and inject mods into the game.
If you get a message that looks like this, you have modded the game with GOMORI before and didn't delete your legacy files like we told you to.
Click OK to continue. We don't expect that you'll run into any issues, but if you do, we recommend starting this guide over.
  • Once the game starts up, you'll be asked if you'd like OneLoader to automatically update itself. Use your mouse to select Enable or Disable to your preference.
We recommend enabling automatic updates for OneLoader so that you can get fixes as soon as they're released.
If you choose to disable automatic updates, the latest version of OneLoader will also be included with every OMO CEP update.
Last modified 1mo ago