Getting Started


    A registered installation of 64-bit Windows 8.1 or newer
    An unmodified installation of OMORI from Steam
    An Internet connection during setup
    At least 100 MB of free space on your hard drive
Pirated copies of OMORI are not compatible with this modpack.
Mod loading will not function correctly with pirated copies of the game.
You will be denied support if you are using a pirated copy of OMORI.

Show File Extensions

By default, Windows Explorer hides the extensions of file types it recognizes (.EXE, .PNG, etc.). It's important that these be visible when setting up mods or asking for support, so we will make sure Windows always shows file extensions for all file types.
    Open a Windows Explorer window (it doesn't matter where).
    Click the View tab at the top of the window.
    Check the box labelled File name extensions if it is not checked already.

Download OMO CEP

Delete Legacy Files

This step is only for users who have modded OMORI before.
If this is your first time modding OMORI, skip this step.
We will be resetting our modding setup for OMO CEP v2.
Just uninstalling the game through Steam would not delete any leftover GOMORI files, so we are going to wipe the game folder ourselves.
    Open your OMORI\www folder.
    Back up the save folder inside by copying it to another location on your computer.
    Delete every folder inside the www directory except the folder named save.
Make sure not to delete the save folder!
It contains your save data, and OMORI does not have cloud save support!
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