OMORI Community Enhancement Pack (OMO CEP) is an all-in-one collection of tools and mods for the PC release of OMORI.

Comprehensive Setup

OMO CEP includes the OneLoader software needed to set up and play OMORI with mods, along with step-by-step instructions for setup.

Faithful Enhancements

OMO CEP features a collection of enhancement mods that improve on the base game in a variety of ways. Whether it's increasing the number of save slots, brand-new character portraits, or fixes to minor design oversights, these mods make for a better first or five hundredth playthrough of OMORI.

Total Customization

OMO CEP includes instructions for customizing your mod loadout. Each of the mods in OMO CEP can be individually enabled or disabled with the in-game mod menu, and it's easy to add additional mods to your loadout.
OneLoader offers additional modding opportunities compared to the old GOMORI software by supporting mod prioritization and delta patching in the event of file conflicts.


OMO CEP is fully compatible with unmodded OMORI save data and does not affect story progression or Steam achievement unlocks. You do not need to start a new game before using OMO CEP.

Ease of Access

OMO CEP is intended to be accessible for beginners to modding. It contains detailed instructions and illustrations, and the team runs an active Discord server for update notifications and support. Everything is neatly organized to encourage good practices when modding games.
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